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Weekend of Creation

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 in Craft, Hemp

Since there was no class on Friday past there was a great mess of creation using the “soda” can cones that I was able to create while visiting and assisting my mother at work at my past Primary school. I have learned recently that the preparation of the items used in my up-cycling [making old or trash items in to some thing new] jewellery line.

Aside{ That sounds rather professional in terms of having different “lines” of jewellery, granted i do have some aspirations of becoming a sort of professional. Meaning may be eventually selling to people overseas  and there my jewellery marketing dreams end for now. }end Aside

O.K. then back to the weekend of creation, so due to my foray in to the up cycling jewellery experience i have been taxed for time with all the time taken to create the various accents. Such as the cones made of “soda” cans and beads made from plastic bottles, both of which take a while to actually create a decent amount for a piece of jewellery. So my skills of multitasking granted me a fully “processed ” Pineapple and Guava Fruta can to make my first set. As set that comprised of a bracelet with the obvious guava pineapple charms using some burgundy almost pink hemp and a bit of the yellow hemp for the pineapple color. Then some earring were made using some split rings to link two of the cones and then attaching it to a sort of diamond shaped half  hitch thing with the burgundy and the yellow hemp. I think it was a OK attempt at a earring, what do do you think. Then made a longer chain  with some white hemp as there was some white on the tin  and used the burgundy and yellow in a spiral square knot at parts as an accent. Then used about 4 cones as pendants making it a noisy chain by my standards.

After which the plan was to finish a bracelet i started the night before, that was similar to the guava pine creation, except it had too much yellow and no charms of pineapple guava fruta tins.

Then make a key chain for a friend that had asked about the “Fishbone knot” following a pattern in a borrowed book.

And finally make up another rainbow bead bracelet, since i had cut out the materials for it the day before. Sadly it did not come out the length i anticipated it to be. Ended up being a bit larger, but then again not many people have a 6 inch wrist, most have some thing close to a 7 inch wrist or so i have discovered after making a few bracelets for a few people.

so here is a composite photo of all that was made that weekend past:


not too bad for a day of work. Yes i know the post is titled the weekend of creation but a week end of creation sounds better than a day of creation.

So that is all for the weekend post and some of yesterday’s and yep its late as my summer class have been taking up some time as well as having to make other things like the wrap pants i finished make yesterday following a tutorial.

Granted i had measured out most of the pants at an earlier date yesterday was just to remeasure cut off the excess and sew all the seams [be warned there was no black thread to go with the black pants so dark blue thread was used, also i am unable to sew in a strait line.]

You know how people say using a sewing machine is like driving a car, let me tell you some thing if how i sew on a sewing machine is any indication of how i drive. We all are in some big trouble, there were many a crooked stich and lines. All odds against this pants it shall be worn to a best of freind’s birthday celebration at a “rave ” of sorts more like a techno party.

look a small picture of the pants mostly finished:


in my humble opinion its not a bad excuse for a pants but its not the greatest thing ever. So now i have made one of these things i think i shall make another but a knee high one with some different fabric i will most likely tie dye.

I should also make the side flaps smaller so that the wrapping of the pants can be seen better.

You should also be aware that these pants are actually quite wonderful and flowing. Proven my our new puppy trying to hid in a leg then try to bite it. Meaning either it taste good or it is attractive to puppies.  Although that is irrelevant to how wonderful these pants are, but trust me they are very loose and they are cool to wear.

Wow that was a  long post not many pictures and it makes very little sense, so now it shall end.

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