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Sep 22

Micro Macrame

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 in Random

Doing research on micro macrame

Jul 2

Trinidad and Tobago Craft Markets

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 in Craft, Hemp, Life, Random

If you have any information about a craft market you can either email me at or add a comment below so I can add it to the calender.

Apr 8

Inspiration 0.3

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 in Inspire

Learn about sleeves

Printing with cookie cutters

Macro photos

spray patterns on to fabric with bleach

stenciling with bleach

Stamps with bleach

dyeing yarn with kool aid

shibori with bleach

Mar 19

Inspiration 0.2

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 in Inspire

Book Review of folding desiginers

carboard my old friend

drawings of iconic fashion dresses

so many colors

fingerpainting but better



Mar 7

Inspiration 0.1

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013 in Inspire

Links of inspiration for now, always more about the place

Eco information in fashion

eco scuptures

Sandra Brewster 

just look in all the collections some amazing work

the always fun pick a color app in etsy 

Italian blog entry about a cool collage


need old measuring tapes for this project 


Pleating fabric pictures

Sep 9

Art Supplies in Trinidad

Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2012 in Craft

Well now, it would seems starting a new educational frontier in my life has led me to getting a list of Art supplies places in Trinidad. Question is, do these places still exist?

  •  Art and More –
    • St Agustine (662-4913)
  • Artist Delight-
    • 28 New St. Port of Spain (623-8134)
  • Artist’s World-
    • 3 Carlton Center San Fernando (652-4335)
  • Da Vinci’s Framing & Art Materials Ltd.-
    •  Trincity Mall Trincity (640-0003)
  • Deltex Art Shop-
    • 66 Pembroke St. Port of Spain (623-6468)
  • Jus Arts & Crafts Supplies-
    • Gluf City Shopping Complex La Romain (657-8888)
  • Tulip Productions-
    •  Voyager Mall Port of Spain (627-6312)
    • Corner of Anna Street and Aripita Ave.
  • Naipaul’s Book Store []
    • 112 Eastern Mn. Rd. Sangre Grande (668-2423)
    • Queen & Sanchez St Arima (667-2569 or 667-5742)


For now that will be it soon will type up the rest of them supply stores i was given, let me know if more should be added to this listing

Mar 15

Events in Trinidad 2012

Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2012 in Random

There are only a few things in this country that will make me leave my cave to venture out in to the social world to experience it. As of this year the number of events that draw me out has increased some what based on the addition of Jouvert this year.

Any how rambling aside the events i look forward to in Trinidad in order of expected occurrence:

Jouvert [20th Feb]

Honestly jouvert is the last think you would expect of me [if you knew me in regards to not liking people touching me as well as a general distaste for most soca] but since it is the year 2012 and the year of my 25th i decided this is some thing i should experience. That being said with the assistance of a wondrous friend who is always there to take me out when i decide to be social she lead me in to the fray of what is jouvert. Actually what is carnival in Trinidad based on the fact that i have never ventured out of my house for a carnival since i have been toss out on the earth.

After thoughts about jouvert : an interesting experience, smelled better than i expected, the only issue i had was finding a migraine on the road causing me to duck out of the march back to find some quite and some tablets to assist my mind from revolting from my skull. Otherwise i had a great time, saw a friend from uwi, was constantly amused by the fellow revelers and some happy crashers who amused me to no end. In ending the general talk about jouvert i had a great time, would do it again and remember to have some coffee the morning of.

Star Party [24th March]

This is practically the main event of my year, an opportunity to find peace on top of a hill near an old rusting radio telescope. Granted this is also a educational event in regards to bringing awareness to astronomy in the Caribbean, i have been going since my final years in high school and always had a great time just laying on the floor staring at the stars, while others seek to determine patterns and make observations. Personally i just like laying out in the cool night looking at the sky and enjoying how much of the universe i can see just with my eyes alone.

Red Earth Eco arts festival [no determined time yet usually in the July-august time frame]

General a gathering of people who want to enact change in regards to the environment, it is a weekend or so long festival that tries to pack in as much environmentally conscious fun as possible. it usually takes place on various locations through out the county.

Rainstep [happened during the rainy season last year this year ? who knows if it will occur again]

This was a purely social event filled with enthusiastic people who just wanted to have a place to dance the night away, and that we did and had a great deal of fun, wonder if there will be another this year?

Halloween [October 31st]

would love to have some thing to do for halloween but for the past 3 years i have not, mostly based on work or school interference as well as having barely any type of event that would call to me. Unless there is a halloween costume rave/dance type event then i guess i will be either working or chilling at home for this one.

Recurring events on a monthly basis [no ladies not that kind of thing]

There has been a new occurrence of people who are hosting markets that have only handmade items, people who import speciality items and a mish mosh of things for sale.

UpMarket first people to start on this trend, host some creative folk, importers and a great deal of food suppliers. Entrance is free to sell you have to talk to the organize renting a space if you get approval to sell at the market.

Sadly i have not gotten approval to sell at this market, then again based on the costing of renting a table, it would be a loss as i will not make the sales to profit from this endeavor.

Arts Market/ Woodbrooks arts market host the serious artisans in Trinidad, these people have been making and selling their lovely items for some time and you can see the quality of craftsmanship, believe you also have to rent a space to sell at this event but entrance is free.

Cheap tings: alternative market, is as the name suggest an alternative market with the goal of a free space for crafters to sell their handmade goods. I have been at this market on a few occasions with my partner in craft Maribug selling our tings. although we mostly lime and Mari sells her tings, it is a fun weekend just hanging about being creative in a public space. to sell it is free as well as entrance to the market, the whole deal is rather bohemian and great for the ones who are now starting out in the handmade industry.




Sep 6

Rainbow pocket [old post now being published]

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 in Random

Due to my tie dye and batik course, causing me to use some expensive dye and mostly wasting it since there is not enough to properly dye another peice of material i have decided to use it to dye some cotton twine i cut out earlier in the year in hopes or making a pocket but with colorful pieces of string.

as you can see there is the attempt at tie dye with multiple colors and the string i dyed. Note that only red, yellow and blue dyes were used to achieve these colors.


Sadly most of the time i decide to do these super colorful things there is no good natural light for me to photograph with and well you can guess that working on the days i make these things does not help either.

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, i am a night time creature so the pictures will be in the night time until i can work out either a schedule for photo logging all my creations or make a light box or lighting area for taking pictures in the night.


Any how you can see more via this link []


Sep 2

Shots of Avenue Bathrooms: Studio Lounge

Posted on Thursday, September 2, 2010 in Random

Located on the corner of Luis Street and the Avenue, Studio is new- ish to the avenue scene and is now know to be a gay bar mostly due to its owners as well as the nightlife it attracts. Regardless they have the most interesting bathroom i have encountered thus far, most likely due to the owner’s attention to design and details. The bathroom’s main feature is its sink/fountain which is accessible to both the ladies and gents toilets. Creating a sort of communal washing hand area, sure to cause some entertainment for both parties.

Also of note the red silk flowers in the male toilets and the white flowers in the female toilets. As well as the wall tiles and the sliding door to access the male and female bathrooms being a silhouette of a male and a female body respectively.

So far this is a favorite in the area of public bathrooms, due to its interesting features as well as its general clean appearance. We also like the fact that the bathroom walls are celling to floor. “I have to say I like my privacy” and and the such.

Sink or fountain

sink and counter

full view of skin and counter

soap dispenser and tap/water control

Male sliding door

Wall tiles

Ladies Door

Ladies soap dispenser

Ladies Paper towel dispenser

Ladies toilet

Jul 17

Shots of Avenue Bathrooms : Test run

Posted on Saturday, July 17, 2010 in Random

Decided to take advantage of a social event at casa de Ibiza tonight to do a test run of bathroom photographing

Things learnt:


  • double check the presence of memory card
  • have a friend to scout out the male bathroom
  • male bathrooms are not that bad
  • Developed criteria on what to photograph in the bathroom

Criteria developed:

  • sinks
  • doors
  • each stall
  • soap dispenser
  • wall tiles
  • floor tiles
  • and any thing found to be interesting